Monday, July 6, 2015

Choosing the Best Selfie Stick

If there is one talk of the tech town nowadays aside from the growing nation of mobile phones, the use of selfie stick is indeed one big issue. You can use these monopods to take pictures of yourself and other people in a different angle, beyond the normal range of arm by connecting it to your phones or camera. From the papal selfie in Rome to the great mob of patrons in Las Vegas, the wave rush of these selfie sticks are now predominant that is it now considered necessary to have one.

In Asia, where you cannot pass a day without seeing somebody taking a selfie, the demand for these products is rampant. The Peterson Group, a wholesaler and distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop paraphernalia based in Taiwan, has imported and exported thousands of different kinds of selfie sticks all across continent. Sales have increased to up to 500% since the company first started distributing it on 2010. According to reviews, Jakarta, Indonesia, Seoul, South Korea, Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan are the cities which have the highest number of monopod users in 2014.

Far from what many people know, there are different kinds of selfie stick in the market, catering specific needs. As a user, you should know which qualities to look for in a standard monopod:

1. Light and Compact

Some countries in Europe, concert venues in Australia and states in USA have restricted or banned the use of selfie stick because of public disturbances and inconvenience to others. In United Kingdom museums, its use was also banned because it may cause possible damage to artworks. In a sense, you should find a selfie stick which can be easier to carry around. There are existing monopods which can fit exactly in your hands.

2. Compatibility

Of course, it would be a given that the selfie stick should be able to work well with your smartphones or cameras. Regardless of the size, type, shape and OS of your phone, the selfie stick should be able to adapt well with it. 

3. Rotation

There are so many selfie sticks which can now rotate 360°. You can twist it, twirl it and turn it whichever angle you want. Any orientation with your camera should be possible. The perfect shot should be taken on any angles.

4. Good Grip

You wouldn’t want to get your mobile phones broken and memories shattered just because the monopod slipped out of your hand. It would truly be devastating if that happens. A good rubber grip monopod should help you keep a steady hold.  

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