Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Peterson Group Review: Different Kinds of Laptop Batteries

Batteries are perhaps the most important part of a laptop which is considered a necessary accessory. However, batteries, like any other gadgets can easily wear out depending on usage. Some batteries, if treated carefully can last for a year. In cases that we need to replace it, we also might need to know the basics on the best battery that can replace our original old one. The following are some of the most commercialized types of battery already available in the market:

1. Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

Also known as Ni-MH, these batteries are one of the most commonly used in the market. Ni-MH can provide inexpensive and efficient alternative to standard alkaline batteries and are available to almost all markets around the world. These kinds of batteries have been too popular that scammers are even able to produce fraudulent copies which are sold in the market to a cheaper price. Ni-HM however has a high rate of self-discharge. It may not be a problem when used after the first few months of manufacture but can cause big issues when stored fully charged and stored for a long period of time.

2. Lithium Ion Batteries

Li-ion Batteries have become widespread on the mid-1990s. It popularization has even expanded to developing cities. Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand are reported to be using Li-ion Batteries on all their laptop since it proves to be lighter compared to Ni-MH batteries which make them easy to be carried especially on crowded areas. A significant less discharge is also emitted by these types and can be considered safer to use.

However, there are also a few flaws in Li-ion batteries. Li-ions are prone to steep drops in total charge capacity over time, as deposits build up within the electrolyte, which inhibits ion transfer. In addition, high charge levels and elevated temperature result in a permanent loss of charge capacity, with up to 20 percent of the battery’s capacity lost if consistently kept at full charge and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Lead Acid Batteries

Perhaps never that much heard of, the lead acid battery is the most economical type for larger power applications where weight is of little concern. These types are also used in hospital equipment, wheelchairs, emergency lighting and UPS systems.

4. Lithium Polymer Batteries

Also known as LiPo batteries, these are more of an advanced version of Li-ion Batteries which uses solid polymer composite instead of using lithium-salt electrolyte in an organic solvent. This allows for a lower cost of manufacture, wider adaptability, and increased reliability and ruggedness.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What to Look for in a Universal Charger

People nowadays use multiple devices. With the frequent need of mobile phones, mp3 players and portable gaming devices, these devices also need charging. It can become clattery when you bring all these devices’ cords and wires with you.

Fortunately for costumers, the invention of universal charger allows your devices to power up without needing all the troublesome cords and stuff. Some universal chargers can even charge different batteries at the same time. Shoppers now have an option to choose the best and most practical charger which can be used for every day.

Universal chargers offer you both flexibility to use any device and the power to charge multiple devices simultaneously. But before you rush out to buy your new charger, take a hard look at the following features.
There are thousands of universal chargers on the market. You will find them in bulks and tons from manufacturing companies like The Peterson Group, a Taiwan-based company wholesaling mobile accessories and laptop peripherals or pick your own exclusive from eBay or Amazon, two of the leading online store for mobile needs.

How do you know if your provider is legit and not some scammer? Read the review and look carefully at the specs. The following specifics can also help you shop keener:

  1. Demand High Amps

  2. In light of that and of the high-power demands of beefy modern smartphones and tablets there is no reason at all to buy a wimpy USB car charger. At the minimum you should always purchase a device that can provide at least 2.1 amps per USB port on the device. Simply divide the listed amps on the device by the number of ports and skip over any device that can’t meet or beat 2.1 amps.

  3. Demand Multiple Ports

  4. There is no point buying a single-port charger. While the other multi-tasking chargers exist, you should take advantage of it. But since a lot of fraud chargers are also emerging in the market nowadays, we should be cautious on which charger to buy. On May, 2015, three stalls in a market in Jakarta, Indonesia were raided and were found to sell defected universal chargers. Multiple port chargers with thin cords can be very dangerous if used and may cause harmful effects so please purchase only from trusted providers.

  5. Demand Compatibility

    They are universal chargers so they must be able to be compatible to any kind of device. Unfortunately, there are some universal chargers who don’t live to their name. Some chargers are only compatible with some brands so you also have to check the compatibility before purchase.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to Find a Good Bluetooth Speaker

As a multimedia student, I am often active in extracurricular activities such as speech choirs or modern dances. As a common sense, we should have brought our speakers especially in urgent times when we can’t use our practice rooms. Speakers in our times are those big boom boxes which come in pairs and with hundreds of wires intertwining and lagging behind you. Most of the times, we find ourselves practicing in a mere assistance of our phones which offer poor quality of sound and require us to be extra quiet to hear the music or not practice at all. 

Fortunately nowadays, there are aids of accessories which enhance the features of our phones. The invention of a portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the greatest breakthroughs in technology which can help people to utilize all the available resources our mobile phones provide.

Distributors nowadays are competing to provide the best sounding speakers at the most affordable price the market demands. Taiwan-based wholesaler, The Peterson Group states that there is no problem finding the best speaker that fits an individual’s specific needs.  From the increasing demands in developing cities like Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand to the stable market in Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong, Bluetooth speaker has gained its fame.

In order for us not to be left out from the market and avoid getting scammed, let us review the attributes that make a good Bluetooth speaker:

1. Frequency Response
A good speaker can reproduce input audio signals evenly over the range of human hearing. A good speaker can generate the same output level when fed a 1-volt sine wave on whatever frequency. Both very low bass sounds and high pitch sounds can be perceptible without any distortion. Before purchasing, check the sound the speaker produce in both ears. 

2. Connectivity
The way mini speakers connect to the audio source can make a big difference in terms of audio quality, ease of use, and compatibility with a number of devices. Users tend to purchase the speakers that offer the simplest, highest-quality connection for the devices they plan to use as audio sources. In this respect, mini speakers are classed in different groups, according to the devices they are compatible with, in terms of docking and connections

3. Wireless Technology
A few years ago, these wireless speakers have been invented. While other technologies use Bluetooth to receive audio signals, Apple devices (not surprisingly) use AirPlay system. Many reputable reviews from audio experts state that Bluetooth speakers offer poorer sound quality than AirPlay but there are many exceptions to this rule.