Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What to Look for in a Universal Charger

People nowadays use multiple devices. With the frequent need of mobile phones, mp3 players and portable gaming devices, these devices also need charging. It can become clattery when you bring all these devices’ cords and wires with you.

Fortunately for costumers, the invention of universal charger allows your devices to power up without needing all the troublesome cords and stuff. Some universal chargers can even charge different batteries at the same time. Shoppers now have an option to choose the best and most practical charger which can be used for every day.

Universal chargers offer you both flexibility to use any device and the power to charge multiple devices simultaneously. But before you rush out to buy your new charger, take a hard look at the following features.
There are thousands of universal chargers on the market. You will find them in bulks and tons from manufacturing companies like The Peterson Group, a Taiwan-based company wholesaling mobile accessories and laptop peripherals or pick your own exclusive from eBay or Amazon, two of the leading online store for mobile needs.

How do you know if your provider is legit and not some scammer? Read the review and look carefully at the specs. The following specifics can also help you shop keener:

  1. Demand High Amps

  2. In light of that and of the high-power demands of beefy modern smartphones and tablets there is no reason at all to buy a wimpy USB car charger. At the minimum you should always purchase a device that can provide at least 2.1 amps per USB port on the device. Simply divide the listed amps on the device by the number of ports and skip over any device that can’t meet or beat 2.1 amps.

  3. Demand Multiple Ports

  4. There is no point buying a single-port charger. While the other multi-tasking chargers exist, you should take advantage of it. But since a lot of fraud chargers are also emerging in the market nowadays, we should be cautious on which charger to buy. On May, 2015, three stalls in a market in Jakarta, Indonesia were raided and were found to sell defected universal chargers. Multiple port chargers with thin cords can be very dangerous if used and may cause harmful effects so please purchase only from trusted providers.

  5. Demand Compatibility

    They are universal chargers so they must be able to be compatible to any kind of device. Unfortunately, there are some universal chargers who don’t live to their name. Some chargers are only compatible with some brands so you also have to check the compatibility before purchase.

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