Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Prolong Battery Life

We have all experienced it: in the middle of watching a movie near the climax, or when you are in a meeting, and you find in your horror that your laptop battery is almost dead and you forgot your charger or there is no available outlet.

Before you buy some counterfeited battery from the stalls of Jakarta, Indonesia or black markets of Beijing, China which can easily harm your laptop, make sure you are running out of options first. There are more strategies to prolong your battery’s life and it can be applicable anytime anywhere.

Taiwan-based distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals, The Peterson Group, shares some technique on how to prolong your battery life and save yourself from an irritating trouble of not being able to finish what you have to do.
  1. Activate your Laptop Battery Saver Mode or Eco Mode
It seems like an easy thing to do but many laptop users just seems to overlook this laptop’s feature. Saver Mode will engage a number of automatic changes just to lengthen usable battery life. It can minimize the brightness and contrast of your monitor, review the applications you are using, shut down unwanted software devices and reduce power consumption.
  1. Disable Unused Devices and Ports
You may have a battery saver mode but it cannot guarantee to close every unused application. It is better to close any unneeded peripherals and turning off power blogs, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, graphics processors and unused optical drives. A little warning though, before disabling any component device, make sure that the device is not in use, and that it is not essential to continuing operation of the laptop.
  1. Adjust Your Setting
Once again, your eco saver may do that for you; still, it would be better if you do it manually. The eco mode may not be able to adjust the color and contrast as you would want it to. It may adjust it too dim for you. If you are only doing a document or simple tasks, you would not need a 1080p or higher display. You can also tone down the volume.
  1. Simplify your Activities
Start by single tasking. Multitasking is okay when you have your outlet ready but on dire needs, prioritize only the necessity. Playing online music can drain batteries. If music is a must, then, save some music in your local disk and play from there. By eliminating unnecessary power uses, you should be able to extend the life of your battery in those moments that you find yourself high and dry.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Peterson Group Review: What Everybody Ought to Know Before Buying a Laptop

Mobile phones are slowly replacing laptops nowadays. However, for those who need to type more than 140 characters on their phones everyday, it would be more practical to stick to which functions better.

Despite the growth of other gadgets with almost the same features and offers more convenience, laptop market is still growing and expanding especially to students and business people who mostly composed a large percentage of the society. Before buying the right laptop for your need, here are the following tips you need to keep in mind, especially nowadays since there are a wild variety of choices to choose from:

1.         Choose the Right OS
Windows OS, MAC and Chrome OS are popular. Of course, you can’t choose a MAC without having an Apple Laptop. However, survey says that MAC has excelled more when it comes to industrial design and feature. If you live in the United States or a more developed country, MAC is easily accepted and can connect to different ports since most of the people also use Apple but when you are in a less developed cities like Bangkok, Thailand or Jakarta, Indonesia, it would be more advisable to use Windows OS and its generally more affordable. On the other hand, Chrome OS is unlikely to get infected by malware or viruses since it is mainly a browser. The preference in the operating systems can be depending on the feature you would be using. Just make sure you don’t download fraudulent operating system as it can also harm your laptop and it can make you vulnerable to online scam and virus.

2.         Choose the Right Size
Portability is one of the main features of laptop which should be considered. Sizes ranges from 11 inches – 18 inches. The smaller the screen, the more cramp it can feel but if you do not want the bulkiness of an 18-inches screen, you can always go for the mediocre ones.

3.         Choose Your Specs
When you need your laptop for editing and gaming, you will need a higher quality laptop. When it comes to RAM, the most common nowadays are 4GB so you should not settle for less. If you get something higher amounting to 8GB, you might be preparing for heavy layout or video editing. If the specs seems a foreign language to you, don’t worry, you are not alone. You can always ask for assistance when choosing the right specs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Laptop Accessories for Students

Students nowadays cannot do without laptops. During the old times, students need to bring at least 3 books to school. It gets worse as the education level get higher. Nowadays, even the submission of manuscripts is digitalized, exams are online and note takings are typed. 

According to The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals based in Taiwan, age bracket below 35 is the largest market for gadgets and other digital accessories. A large majority of this market purchases accessories which are considered necessity in school. A survey was conducted in many developing cities and most college students in Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei, Taiwan are prone to buying accessories which cannot only enhance the features of their laptop but can also make them trendy. 

If you are planning to buy presents for a student, you might as well consider some laptop essentials his gadget can’t do without (of course, you have to make sure he has a laptop first).

1. Laptop Backpack

Some girls may find this a little bulky but for those whose main concern is to carry their laptops as conveniently as they could, laptop backpack is available with a lot of features on it. The ability to tote all of their books, notebooks, and laptop in the same bag makes this product a valuable asset for a student. Many companies make laptop backpacks designed with a number of different compartments to accommodate all of a student's needs, including a special padded section to store a laptop safely. Whether on foot or by bike, students can securely carry all of their gear around campus using this accessory.

2. Cable Lock

Analysts had suggested the use of cable locks since there are a lot of fraudulence among students. A cable lock is an important tool whenever you have to leave your laptop unattended for a while whether in the dorm or in a canteen or with somebody you know. 

3. External Hard Drive

Every student admits to having more than a thousand files stored in their laptop, especially those who are taking editing and layout as major or those who degrees in Information Technology and Digital Arts. Moreover, the files, reviewers, documents, images, presentations and other media needed while studying weigh more than just the 500 GB their internal storage allows. External Hard Drive can also serve as backup in case of virus alerts and for more convenient file transfer from one device to another. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Must Haves in a Laptop Bag

There is a very good reason why your laptop bags have extra zippers and spaces. For ordinary people, laptop bags are mere storage space for bulky laptops but for many travelers, students and workers, essential materials like Swiss army knife, pepper sprays, notebooks etcetera can still be squeezed inside that bag.

The Peterson Group, Taiwan-based Company distributing mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals across Asia has prepared the list of things people most commonly put inside these bags:

1.         Power Cord
Of course. Who would bring their laptop and leave the power cord behind? Without it, you can’t stop being agitated while using your laptop, wondering when it would shut down. Your hours of productivity will be greatly affected.

2.         Chargers
Many people are using their laptop bags for all their gadgets and devices including tablets and smartphones. Chargers for these devices as well and all the cords that goes with it. Just like the power cord, you shouldn’t forget about the chargers. You may end up buying fraud ones instead.

3.         Hotspot
Travelers always anticipate an inconsistent internet connection in every place they go. My biggest mistake when I was traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia is not bringing my 4G hotspot along. It took hours for my email to open and I actually slept while loading Google. If you don’t want that to happen to you, make sure you put your 4G Hotspot inside that bag.

4.         USB Flash Drive
Flash drives are too tiny that it can get lost or misplaced. Many people find it convenient that their laptop bags have small pockets for small technology items.

5.         Headphones
When talking of smartphones and gadgets, you can’t just overlook your headphone. This item just have a place in every person’s laptop bags since it is very essential whether you are watching a movie on a flight or listening to music while walking to school, you need your headphones for convenience.

6.         Pain medication
Now we have covered the basic gadgets and devices, we come to the essentials and pain medication is one of them.

You can be surprised what you find in a laptop bag. Among them, medicines are perhaps the most useful since a headache can attack anytime and sometimes when it is the most inconvenient time. Tylenol and Advil are the most common

7.         Pack of Coffee

Yes, it may be unusual. In many reviews though, it shows a lot of people has little packets of coffee hidden in their laptop bags. If not coffee, there are also tea packs to consider. Little packets are sold by many coffee stores (there’s also from Starbucks) in case your favorite coffee is not available to where you would be going.