Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Different Kinds of Earphones

Earphones are very popular nowadays as it comes with every mobile phone. Moreover, the widespread of different kinds released on the market with different designs has caused the demand to increase. However, it will always be important for buyers to review and know what they are purchasing for.

The Peterson Group, a wholesaler and distributor of top quality mobile phones accessories and laptop paraphernalia all over Asia from its main office in Taiwan has prepared these guide in order to inform our clients of the basic information they need to learn about headphones, the different styles and each of its function as well as give you suggestions in choosing the best one to suit your needs and use.

Each type of earphone is designed for a specific type of person who wants to get a particular quality of sound from the device. There are earphones that completely cover the ear when being used and earphones that are simply put inside the ear. The design of the earphone affects its sound and comfort.

1. Circumaural Earphones

These ear pads over the ear headphones, or circumaural earphones, are typically made to be used by professional musicians or sound engineers because the way the earphone is shaped improves the quality of the sound. Each of these earphones have pads that encircle the ears in order to contain the sound waves within the space between the ear and the ear pad making the earphone almost like a soundproof room. Filtering out the ambient sound, and trapping sound in, the molded plastic, rubber, or metal circumaural earphones are great for users who don’t want to be distracted by outside noises. Warning though, prolonged usage of these types can make your ear irritated and hot and can cause serious hearing defects.

2.Supra-Aural Earphones

These ear pads on the ear models first patented from Jakarta, Indonesia and have been redesigned by various innovators are designed to perch on the ears rather than to go completely around them. Supra-aural earphones are made with an adjustable band that can be worn over the head to secure the device. There is a pad between the speaker and the wearer’s ears that consists of foam.

3. Canal Phones

The name for the canal phones is quite self-explanatory. Canal phones are placed directly into the wearer’s ears canal. However, the canal phones are made out of silicone rubber or an elastomer material which helps in blocking out ambient noise as well as helps keep the earphone in the canal more comfortably. Because of the silicone rubber, the earphone is prevented from falling out thus providing a more snug fit. With a more snug fit and the canal phones ability to block out ambient noise comes better sound quality than can be had with ear buds. Canal phones are great for athletes to use while running or to use when exercising.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Importance of Mobile Accessories in the Market

In the years that we have been operating, The Peterson Group, wholesaler and distributor of different mobile phone accessories and laptop paraphernalia from the ports of our main office in Taiwan to the different parts of the continent, has had encountered strange to unique accessories. Our quality team would need to check for defects, of course and there are times that we ourselves have been truly bemused on the intricacies of each new item and the ideas behind it.

From mobile sweatshirts (yes they exist to keep your phones warm at night) delivered to the tropical island of Jakarta, Indonesia to textees which look like a thimble for sewing which is said to protect your finger from typing too much in your phones, I think we can face whatever bizarre products that come next.
The existence of these products is of course due to the demand of the market for such things. Thanks to us mobile phone users, the engineers get to execute their ideas to help our mobile life easier.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Health and Fitness Accessories

An alarming report of today’s generation shows how this generation has been living unhealthily. Thankfully, warnings have been spread early and that health conscious people have taken great care in their health.

Staying fit and healthy still takes work, but we have a lot more tools to help us achieve our goals and many of them are now aided by smartphones, which wirelessly link and provide additional data and feedback on your health and performance, or just give you a bit more motivation and make fitness fun.

Moreover, we are now fortunate that there now exist a world where people have heart rate monitors that link to their phones and wristbands to track their steps. The Peterson Group, a wholesaler and distributor of mobile accessories and laptop accessories across Asia and based in Taiwan has these list to help you in your daily exercise.

1.            Fitbit Flex
Fitbit has made quite a name for itself with its range of fitness accessories as we've become obsessed with 'gamifying' our lives. The latest device from the company, the Fitbit Flex, is a fitness tracking wristband which keeps track of how many steps you take, how far you've travelled and how many calories you've burned.

If you sleep with it on it can even track the amount and quality of your sleep and in the morning it can wake you up with vibrations, which is both a gentle way to rise and won't wake up your partner.

Make sure to identify a real fitbit as these products are already sold on scams and fraudulent acts in the suburbs of Jakarta, Indonesia and the black markets of Bangkok, Thailand.

2.            Nike+ Fuelband SE
Nike has also embraced fitness bands and the Nike+ Fuelband SE is the product of its labour. However where Nike's offering differs from competitors is in its use of 'NikeFuel', which is what it gives you in exchange for carrying out activities.

You can set a target daily 'NikeFuel' amount and then the Fuelband will use 20 coloured LED's to show you how close you are to reaching it, with them turning from red to green as you approach your goal.

3.            Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
The Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor is a bit of a mouthful to say, but its features are fairly straightforward. You can wear it on your chest with the included strap, use Bluetooth to link it up to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 8 device and then get running.

4.            Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensor
The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC is essentially a cycling computer. Just mount it to your bike and it will track your speed, cadence and distance travelled.

The device itself doesn't have a display, but you can use Bluetooth to link it to the Wahoo Odometer app for iOS and view your stats- you can even attach your phone to the bike if you're feeling brave, but make sure it's securely fastened.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Accessories as Necessity

Most of us have traveling streaks within us. When this triggers, we cannot help but pack our belongings and travel to some place that can satisfy our adventure craving. No matter if you are headed in across the country in an RV bus or cross the pacific to Jakarta, Indonesia or Guam, you just have to ensure that your gadgets like laptop, iPhones or iPod are fully packed and ensured. The Peterson Group, one of Asia’s leading distributer/ wholesaler of mobile accessories and laptop paraphernalia based in Taiwan listed three are three critical laptop accessories no summer or any season traveler can do without.

1. Adapter

Not all countries have outlets similar to those in your locality unless of course you are just traveling some neighboring county. You’ll need to check and review local electrical standards at your destination. It’s really annoying to find out your North American plug won’t work in whatever summer paradise you’re headed to.

Last minute types who don’t mind paying a little more can probably find a shop in the airport that will sell you what you need or you can try and pick something up at your destination.

But you can also find out the correct adapter plug with a little research online and then head over to your local electronics shop. Another option is to get an international adapter that covers most of the world’s electrical needs in one device.
Most laptops can handle power all over the world. Just to be sure, check that your laptop’s power brick can handle up to 240 volts of input.

2. Case

Protecting your laptop from bumps and scrapes while on the road or in the air is a must. The simplest way to keep your laptop as nick free as possible—not to mention clean—is a soft cover or bag. You can get a case pretty much anywhere from Best Buy to Target. Just make sure you don’t buy those fraudulent ones as they can easily be torn.

3. Ethernet

Ether-what? Yes, you may be exclusively wireless at home, but on the road nothing can save your bacon better than an ethernet cable. Sometimes you end up in a hotel with a bad Wi-Fi connection or a choice between free wired Internet and paid wireless.

An ethernet cable doesn’t take up too much room in your bag and you can probably even slip it into your laptop case if you need to. Just don’t leave home without it.

There are probably numerous other accessories others can’t live without, but these three basics are truly key for anytime you travel.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Choose the Right Power Bank

In this day and age wherein mobile phones are necessity and laptops and gadgets are extension of our life, it would be practical for us to buy accessories which can ease our troubles in bringing big gadgets and bulk chargers.

The existence of power banks helped a lot during the times when we are looking around for electric outlets. Finding the right power bank may still be challenging. A lot of it depends on your personal requirements. If you don’t carry too many devices when you travel, then you can buy a small and low capacity one just to charge your smart phone. If you need to charge iPad, tablet, etc., then you will need a one that has a higher capacity.

The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop paraphernalia based in Taiwan and delivers to Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Asia, has these guides for you to choose the right power bank for your specific needs:

1. Capacity

The main attribute associated to a power bank is its capacity. This capacity is measured in milli Ampere Hour or maH. You can’t exactly calculate how many times a specific power bank can charge your device, but the rule of thumb is more mAH rating mean more capacity. So if you have a phone with a 1500mAH battery, ideally a capacity of 1500mAH can fully charge it once. And when you buy a portable power bank, make sure that it can charge the battery of a specific device.

2. USB Charging

Some power banks contain a built in USB charging capability. Some of the older models don’t have this feature. They had a separate cable which one had to carry along with the device. This added to the number of things that could go wrong in its usage. People were not able to charge their cell phones if they lost or forgot the cable at their home. Once the device is charged the cable can be easily folded into the device. To charge the device all one has to do is to unfold the adapter and plug into the required slot.

3. Price & Quality

Apart from battery strength, one other thing which can help you decide which power bank charger is best for you is the price. But you should not buy a portable power bank which either uses refurbished batteries or which doesn’t contain the basic features e.g. short circuit, over charging protection and temperature protection. Cases of fake products are already reported in Jakarta, Indonesia, New Delhi, India and Beijing China so you should be cautious of buying products from these places.

4. Portability

Several reasons of buying a power bank is that it is portable and will charge your device. You can buy cheap ones with big capacity, but they usually will not charge your gadgets properly, or break down on you. Cheap power banks are mostly fraudulent ones and are mostly defected so you should keep an eye on the warning signs of manufacture and product built.