Thursday, January 21, 2016

Introducing Cleaning Agents for Your Gadgets

Experts say our devices are one of the leading sources of modern germs and bacteria which can affect our health. Each of our gadgets gathers dust, oil, grime and dirt. It is inevitable. Being equipped with tools to maintain the cleanliness of our modern devices and combat future germs is essential to create sanitary protection for our phones, accessories and of course, our health. The following are the list of cleaning materials fit for our mild OCD character against germs:

1. Microfiber cloth

This is usually packaged for free along with the other basic essential once you buy a brand new laptop. Microfiber cloth is one way to clean your devices of fingerprints and grimes without using water or any fluid which can cause electronic damages and dangers. It also works directly as advertised. You can just wipe it off on your device’s surface. It is also available for sale on retail stores for a cheap price although you can use a fraud version using any available cotton cloth.

2. Cleaning Fluid

If you prefer cleaning materials which ensures that your devices would look good as new, various cleaning screen fluids are available that can get the job done nicely. iKlear Apple Polish is reviewed as one of the best in the markets of Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand. What makes this cleaning agent stand out is because it does not contain any ammonia or alcohol which is two of the cleaning agents known to eat away protective layers of your screens and keyboards.

3. Cleaning Compound

There are times when the dirt is too thick that neither the microfiber nor cleaning sprays can wipe it out. These profuse grimes may have been accumulated from years of under maintenance or collected in the nooks and cranny parts of your devices. Cleaning compounds are mostly used for this challenging ordeal. The compound, which resembles a gooey and slimy substance, can shape shift and sip into the hard-to-reach corners and pick up the accumulated dust or dirt. Moreover, after you are done cleaning, you can still store the excess goo for future uses.

These cleaning tools are available in many retail stores especially in mobile kiosks and stalls. For bulks and large quantity orders, you can sign up a form through the Peterson Group website for Asia-Pacific locations.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Extending Your Wholesaling Business to Retailing

Wholesale Distribution
Businesses are currently divided into two types: wholesaling, which is the distribution of large quantity of products directly from the manufacturers and retailing where the goods are being sold to the direct consumer. In each type, there are advantages: Wholesale increases the opportunity to boost sales and revenue and also to increase brand presence while retailing can help establish personal brand. Nowadays, business owners are venturing into both wholesaling and retailing to get the best of both worlds.

However, many companies who have started with one of these two would not dare risk getting into the other without considering the complexities the company may undertake.
Retail Industry

Far from what people think, channeling your business towards retailing is easier and more profitable and more importantly, makes more sense when you are planning to extend your business and brand into a higher level.

Not only does the profit double if you have both wholesale and retail, your brand can also spread to a wider audience, as stated in the review conducted by The Peterson Group, wholesaler of mobile phone accessories in Taiwan which have also invested into several retail branches in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To invest into this new venture, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

1.            How much investment are you ready to make?

How much are you willing to delve into the retail game? This will determine your level of investment. Choices range from e-commerce to pop-up stores to franchising.

Moreover, for retail businesses, you cannot just expect the consumer to barge into your physical store and buy your product. You must consider the location, staff and other overhead cost. For an online store, you have to embark to critical and aggressive marketing strategy to break through the competitive internet traffic by other retailing businesses.

2.            Will it not conflict on your stock terms and agreement?

Opening up a retail store does not mean that you will have to give up on your wholesaling business. It would only mean that your task is doubled. Moreover, some of your clients will now see you as a competition from merely being a supplier. You may face verbal complaints or even loss of some of your clients. The key lies on treating them as partners, not underselling them.

3.            How will you sell your product?

Not only should you sell your products, you also have to market it. Building a presentable visual is a big plus in your new retailing business, whether it is a website or a physical store. You have to invest in both online and physical presence.