Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Different Kinds of Earphones

Earphones are very popular nowadays as it comes with every mobile phone. Moreover, the widespread of different kinds released on the market with different designs has caused the demand to increase. However, it will always be important for buyers to review and know what they are purchasing for.

The Peterson Group, a wholesaler and distributor of top quality mobile phones accessories and laptop paraphernalia all over Asia from its main office in Taiwan has prepared these guide in order to inform our clients of the basic information they need to learn about headphones, the different styles and each of its function as well as give you suggestions in choosing the best one to suit your needs and use.

Each type of earphone is designed for a specific type of person who wants to get a particular quality of sound from the device. There are earphones that completely cover the ear when being used and earphones that are simply put inside the ear. The design of the earphone affects its sound and comfort.

1. Circumaural Earphones

These ear pads over the ear headphones, or circumaural earphones, are typically made to be used by professional musicians or sound engineers because the way the earphone is shaped improves the quality of the sound. Each of these earphones have pads that encircle the ears in order to contain the sound waves within the space between the ear and the ear pad making the earphone almost like a soundproof room. Filtering out the ambient sound, and trapping sound in, the molded plastic, rubber, or metal circumaural earphones are great for users who don’t want to be distracted by outside noises. Warning though, prolonged usage of these types can make your ear irritated and hot and can cause serious hearing defects.

2.Supra-Aural Earphones

These ear pads on the ear models first patented from Jakarta, Indonesia and have been redesigned by various innovators are designed to perch on the ears rather than to go completely around them. Supra-aural earphones are made with an adjustable band that can be worn over the head to secure the device. There is a pad between the speaker and the wearer’s ears that consists of foam.

3. Canal Phones

The name for the canal phones is quite self-explanatory. Canal phones are placed directly into the wearer’s ears canal. However, the canal phones are made out of silicone rubber or an elastomer material which helps in blocking out ambient noise as well as helps keep the earphone in the canal more comfortably. Because of the silicone rubber, the earphone is prevented from falling out thus providing a more snug fit. With a more snug fit and the canal phones ability to block out ambient noise comes better sound quality than can be had with ear buds. Canal phones are great for athletes to use while running or to use when exercising.

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