Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Peterson Group Review: What Everybody Ought to Know Before Buying a Laptop

Mobile phones are slowly replacing laptops nowadays. However, for those who need to type more than 140 characters on their phones everyday, it would be more practical to stick to which functions better.

Despite the growth of other gadgets with almost the same features and offers more convenience, laptop market is still growing and expanding especially to students and business people who mostly composed a large percentage of the society. Before buying the right laptop for your need, here are the following tips you need to keep in mind, especially nowadays since there are a wild variety of choices to choose from:

1.         Choose the Right OS
Windows OS, MAC and Chrome OS are popular. Of course, you can’t choose a MAC without having an Apple Laptop. However, survey says that MAC has excelled more when it comes to industrial design and feature. If you live in the United States or a more developed country, MAC is easily accepted and can connect to different ports since most of the people also use Apple but when you are in a less developed cities like Bangkok, Thailand or Jakarta, Indonesia, it would be more advisable to use Windows OS and its generally more affordable. On the other hand, Chrome OS is unlikely to get infected by malware or viruses since it is mainly a browser. The preference in the operating systems can be depending on the feature you would be using. Just make sure you don’t download fraudulent operating system as it can also harm your laptop and it can make you vulnerable to online scam and virus.

2.         Choose the Right Size
Portability is one of the main features of laptop which should be considered. Sizes ranges from 11 inches – 18 inches. The smaller the screen, the more cramp it can feel but if you do not want the bulkiness of an 18-inches screen, you can always go for the mediocre ones.

3.         Choose Your Specs
When you need your laptop for editing and gaming, you will need a higher quality laptop. When it comes to RAM, the most common nowadays are 4GB so you should not settle for less. If you get something higher amounting to 8GB, you might be preparing for heavy layout or video editing. If the specs seems a foreign language to you, don’t worry, you are not alone. You can always ask for assistance when choosing the right specs.

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