Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Peterson Group DIY: Blings on Cases

Simple phone cases are just not enough. For fellow arts lover, a little bling wouldn’t hurt on your phone (of course you have to be careful in showing it to public to avoid getting it stolen). Since we use our mobile phones pretty much every hour every day and we get to see it always, why get settled for a plain case which doesn’t really suit your artistic and loud personality at all?

Blings on cases are today’s trends. The Peterson Group, Taiwan-based distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop paraphernalia has exported tons of bling cases in neighboring cities of Singapore, Seoul, South Korea and Jakarta, Indonesia where the market’s largest consumers are teenagers and young adults. But if you want to get more personal and unique, the following are some tips that you can utilize:

1. Choose your Bling

I know you have some leftover art materials of your scrap book made in school. If none, then, there are so many rhinestones and crystals available in small quantities in stores and even on the internet. Choose the color and styles that please you most. Make sure your blings aren’t fraud as you would have a hard time sticking it later.

2. Draw a pattern

You wouldn’t want to waste your money and doesn’t want to make a mistake on this one. Even if you do not know how to draw, you can just make a simple pattern or notes of colors, lines, stripes or layout. You can trace your phone on the paper to know how many blings you have to put so as to put a limit on the space of your phone and on how complex it would be. Putting thought on planning saves you time and prevents errors.

3. Allot a work-place area

Set up your own workplace where all your tools are present and in reach. This activity is quite time and effort demanding so you may want to take breaks in between. It would be better if you can just leave it and return to it anytime.

4. Start attaching your bling

Depending on the type of faux gems you're using, one of the following methods should work:

  • If you purchased stick-on rhinestones, just peel of the tape and stick it to the surface of your phone in the correct position.
  • If there is no self-adhering on the gems, prepare to glue them in place. Using the glue gun quickly put a dab of glue on the rhinestone and hold it on your phone for 5 seconds to make sure it's firmly in place.
5. Finishing Touches

After attaching the blings on your phone, leave the glue to dry for about 5 minutes. If it’s a stick-on, press your finger on it to ensure it is firmly in place. After that, you can already boast of your DIY phone case.

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