Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Laptop Adapters

Our laptop’s battery life is almost as essential to us as the data within it. Laptops are portable devices with their own power supply in the form of a rechargeable battery. These batteries only last for so long before they need to be recharged. Laptops use power adapters that plug into wall outlets for this purpose.

According to the latest study of The Peterson Group, a Taiwan-based distributor of mobile accessories and laptop paraphernalia to other neighboring Asian countries, adapters are a growing market in today’s generation.  When it’s time to replace an old adapter with a new one, research and intrinsic review is required to find the right kind of adapter. But what do you look for from an adapter?

Types of Adapters for Laptops
Laptops rely on two main types of power adapters for energy: the AC adapter and the DC Adapter. These adapters, also known as chargers, are what help convert the electricity from the wall outlet into a form that’s usable for the laptop.

AC Adapter
The AC adapter converts AC power from a wall outlet found in most homes to the DC power used by most small appliances. Laptops, cell phones, computers, and DVD players all use DC power. This is the kind of power provided by batteries, which most laptops use to keep running when the owner is mobile.

DC Adapter
Laptops use DC power, so it doesn’t seem like a DC adapter is necessary when plugging into a DC power source. However, most sources of DC power provide a voltage that is too low for the needs of a laptop. A DC power adapter is required to take that power and convert it to a higher voltage that the laptop can use to charge its battery or run. DC power sources include cars, in-flight outlets, and solar power panels or batteries.

Universal Power Adapters
Another option for laptop owners is a universal power adapter. These adapters are more expensive, but can adapt to any power source and voltage. Theoretically, universal adapters can work on any laptop. This makes them quite useful, especially among those who travel frequently and never know where their next source of power is coming from. Universal adapters also come with a variety of connector types to fit a wide range of laptops. Many laptops use different styles of connectors so it can be hard to find the best adapter to fit.

A little warning though, as these kinds of adapters are more expensive, many fraudulent individuals are creating decoys of these materials and selling them for a low cost. Black markets rampant in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand are rampant with these kinds of scams. Please be reminded that you need to be cautious when buying adapters. 

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