Monday, July 27, 2015

Netbook Must Haves

Almost all people nowadays are into laptops, tablets and netbooks that are being used as portable computers that can hold important and sometimes classified data and information. These devices are now considered a necessity for school and office use and sometimes, even when you are only into recreational activities and would want to avoid the hassle of putting together a monitor, speaker, system unit, AVR and everything your desktop requires in order to operate. The only issue on having netbooks is when you have too much installed which is beyond your device’s capacity.

Still, the demand for more enhancements is increasing and the challenge to produce innovations which can change man’s life is gradually cumulating for manufacturers to ignore. As we see on reviews, almost every week, we hear new gadgets being introduced.

The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop paraphernalia based in Taiwan and one of the largest suppliers to retailers in Singapore, Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Hong Kong released their top must-have accessories for netbooks.

1. Additional RAM Memory

This is important and may also be vital for those who use laptop and netbooks frequently. This is also a must have for lay-out artists or editors which usually use tools and produce outputs which eats up large space. Before buying additional memory, though, you must check if your device can be upgraded.

2. Hard Drive

Being able to buy additional hard drive for your netbooks and even for your laptops can increase the performance of your devices. Just be careful in purchasing hard drives and make sure you buy from legitimate franchisers. Cases of installing fraudulent hard drives had led to total malfunction of many devices.

3. Computer Mouse

Netbooks have touch pads for navigation but we all know that these are oftentimes small and difficult to use. Moreover, when you are using your netbooks for a longer period of time, you can be more productive when you use a mouse. There are hundreds of mouse styles (and sometimes even hilarious ones if you want to be creative) to use depending on your style.

4. External Drive

Memory sticks or what we call Flash Drives or Universal Serial Bus (USB) are already becoming trendy nowadays that it has become more and more affordable. They are very useful as compact, portable and also maneuverable storage devices. Compared to floppy disks which we use during the olden times, USBs are easier to use and more user friendly plus, a single small stick o flash drive nowadays can provide up to 36GB space for your data.

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