Monday, December 7, 2015

The Peterson Group Review: How to Find the Best Headphone Splitter

Ever experienced listening to a music, found out its worth sharing to your friends but your headset has only two cords (obviously every just like every headset there is)? You then resort to unplugging it off your phone and increasing the volume but no matter how much you strain yourselves to the sound, you just can’t hear it properly. No need to worry about that kind of problem anymore. You can now plug your headphones and enjoy listening to music with as many as 4 other people even if they have an extra ear with them.

A headphone splitter is a simple device that lets you split the audio output without affecting the quality. It is a very handy device especially if your laptops and PCs especially your phones and tablets only have one audio jack or port. There are many kinds of headphone splitters in the market. Before you invest in this, make sure that you know how to select the kind of splitter that you want. The most important thing to consider before you buy your headphone splitter is to decide on the rage of use that you might have with it. In case you need to use it for the most basic purpose, then a simple headphone splitter, which does not give any extra length from the device, would suffice. But the issue with such a splitter is that it you won’t give you too much leeway in mobility if the headphones or the earphones themselves are short.

It is best to compare various types of connectors and splitters before you purchase one. As there are a lot of fraudulent products in the market manufactured by local fraud companies especially in black markets of Jakarta, Indonesia and the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand, you should be careful to choose the best one to get.

1. Dynex DX-AD103 Audio Splitter Cable
The Dynex DX-AD103 audio splitter cable converts a single 3.5 mm jack into two separate jacks, allowing up to two people to listen to the audio on the headphones at the same time. The splitter's construction makes it easy to get into tight spaces, unlike other, plastic audio splitter cables making it a popular choice among reviewers.

2. Monster Cable 1000YSPLTWW Y-Splitter Cable
This kind of splitter enables each user to adjust the volume on their individual devices. Another good feature of this splitter is that it can adapt to different devices such as Apple, Android and other device. It can also go to anywhere you use them, either in car, plane or within your bag.

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