Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Amazing Facts about Data Cards for Laptops

Gone were the times when computers were bulky and internet connections require physical wires and cumbersome plugs. It was the time when computers can only stay in one place: either at home or in the office.

Web technology and computer hardware has come a long way since then, allowing us to take the web with us wherever we go, whenever we need it. The internet has revolutionized the way us, humans think and has driven us to greater innovations and inventions, even to the point of making it possible for us to access the world through microchips and devices as small as our own fingers.

Mobile broadband usually refers to the ability of the internet to connect to laptops and netbooks. Providers even designed these broadband to connect to any laptop through the flash drive port.

Data cards are available from 1G to 3G networks. With the fast growth of the 4th generation network, it is expected to soon dominate the market as well. These data cards or mobile broadband sticks are mostly distributed by telecommunication operators but there are also independent vendors which supplies international data cards. Huawei and Intex are some of the most famous international brands. Wholesalers for mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals such as The Peterson Group, Taiwan-based distributor, also sell these kinds of mobile sticks.

Dongle, which is a type of data card, looks like a flash drive but instead of using it for data storage, it stores a modem which connects wirelessly to a network. The dongle is powered by your computer so there is no need for it to be charged. According to reviews, dongle takes up most number of internet users. It is also mostly given out for free when you buy a mobile broadband plan. For this, it is usually illegally duplicated and sold to unsuspecting cities with lax security systems.

Telecommunications and information technology departments in developing countries continue to give out warnings and precautions of the rampant spread of fraudulent data cards which can harm your devices. Black markets for these devices and other accessories are rampant in the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nowadays, a variety of data cards is available in the market. Each of them has different features and is priced accordingly. The latest innovation in the field of mobile technology has improved the type of data cards. The latest data cards are sleek, light and handier. Data cards can be carried while one is travelling. These data cards are more efficient than their counterparts and are easy to use.

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