Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mobile Hotspots that Can Provide Quality Internet for your Phones

Mobile Hotspots are now a trend in the industry of telecommunications.  Nowadays, connecting to the internet does not mean hacking into somebody else’s Wireless Fidelity connection and competing for the connectivity. Portable and pocket-sized mobile hotspot devices are now available in the market, offering as high as the latest 4G network.

With the fastest proliferation of 4G mobile technology advancement and the reduced cost of 3G, mobile hotspots are no longer luxury which are only exclusive for business purposes or can only be afforded by the wealthy. Anyone can now pick up a mobile hotspot device for as low as $100 and get services at a low cost, sometimes, even for free.

You can even turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, negating the need for a separate device. It's a really great time to take advantage of mobile data, but there are so many options to make sense of and chances are you're not even aware of a few of them.

The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phones accessories and laptop peripherals from Taiwan, reviewed some of the most popular hotspot devices being used today:

1.            Karma Hotspot tiny, pocket-sized hotspot can assist up to 8 devices simultaneously. It also offers fast data whenever and wherever you need it. It comes pre-loaded with 1G on your account and as you use it up, it recharges it with more data. Moreover, the data never expires and you have no monthly charges to pay up with. Its connectivity is stronger in the United States but cities in the Asia Pacific can also be covered. Singapore and Hong Kong shows good network for this kind of Hotspot 
2.            Tep Wireless

If you are looking for a travel companion which can provide you strong internet access anywhere in Asia, Tep Wireless can easily assist you. It reaches to as far as 15 miles and connects up to 5 devices at the same time. It is also protected with a password security access and is strongest in Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
3.            Opus Mobile Mini

Optus' portable wi-fi device (a Huawei E583C) costs $99 to buy, and comes with a voucher for 8GB of data, which lasts for six months, or until you use it up - whichever comes first. However, this device is not without complaints. Firstly, Optus’ network may fluctuate in regional areas and the speed can be inconsistent.

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