Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mobile Phone Accessories of the Future

Technology is changing at a high rate and everything is becoming more modernized. Phones are not left behind and their accessories are being manufactured according to the future expectations. In order to be able to optimize the latest mobile phone experience, then you need the mobile accessories that perfectly complement the modern features that are in your phone. Even developing cities nowadays have adapted the purchase of mobile accessories to enhance the physical features of their phones. These cities include almost whole of America, some part of Europe, Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, Seoul, South Korea and many others.

Because there are improvements among the technologies that exist as well as new concepts in mind of the developers, there are innovative cell phone accessories that will help you to be able to revolutionize your future, yes even fraud ones. The Peterson Group, a wholesaler company of mobile phones and laptop paraphernalia based in Taiwan, has made a prediction on the possible release of the following mobile accessories in the future:

Extra battery case

DSLR cameras now have its own extra battery case, so why not create a piece of this for mobile phones? I know you will all agree with me that we use mobile phones to almost all our needs every day. Not only do we use it for calling or texting but we also use it in browsing the net, listening to music and even for alarms. Since there are multimedia feature in our mobile phones, the demand for energy is also high and having one battery is not enough. Many people will want a durable cell phone case that has an inbuilt battery to be a back up for the other battery. Apart from the way phones are made by being scratch proof, waterproof as well as shock-proof, the extra case for the battery has become so vital to add some extra concept of the inbuilt battery with the phones case. Thus, by having this case, you will have two batteries.

Mobile phone camera lenses

There is one improvement that is currently with phones, the power to shoot quality photos as well as videos. The photo features of what the phones are producing are comparable to those of a digital camera. There are lenses of mobile phones that available. Many people are still aware that they can upgrade the lenses of their phones camera by use of these accessories. You can review the quality of your photo and change the lenses on the pixels you want.

Power-fingered batteries

It is very clear that in the near future, you may not need to carry a charger with you all the time as there are new generation of batteries for the mobile phones that are soon to come in the market. How cool would that be? These batteries will be capable to be charged by use of fingers and this is an innovation that is possible by the use of kinetic energy which is energy in motion. Imagine increasing your battery by just holding your phone with the use of your thumb and index finger. Impossible? Think of old wristwatch that you just have to rewind to n.

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