Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Work In Style With All The Accessories Available For You.

The Peterson Group, Kaohsiung, Taiwan is a reputable wholesaler of mobile accessories and computer peripherals. We source from Taiwan, Shenzhen, China and Jakarta Indonesia. With the assurance of delivering only high-quality products, we have been distributing to over hundreds of partners across the globe.

Kaohsiung Port 

Our minimum shipment size is half container. We can ship anywhere in the world.
WE READY have Thousands of Products available for Shipment in Our warehouse. Please Go to Our contact Page for More information.

We supply mixed packages of computer peripherals and mobile phone accessories from the port.
All our products are original branded products. We do not source or supply counterfeit, misbranded or scam products, as this is considered fraud.

WARNING! Many companies are misled into Buying counterfeit, scam Products Which Countries are in MOST Considered Fraud and Customer Leads to many complaints.

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